【Riding the Digital Wave Market Forum / 自行車新世代數位拓展交流會】Part 3

Through this forum, one will have a better understanding of Taiwan bicycle industry’s ambitious attempt to expand emerging markets in Australia, New Zealand, and Central and South America, as well as Taiwan's new digital marketing strategy after COVID-19. By strengthening the manufacturing value of Taiwan bicycle supply chain, we hope to promote Taiwan’s international sales performance. 透過本交流會將更了解台灣自行車產業拓展紐澳與中南美新興市場的企圖心,以及台灣在疫情後線上新形態數位行銷執行能量的重視與升級,藉此強化台灣自行車供應鏈與時俱進的製造價值,以提升台灣國際貿易業績。 Theme / 影片主題 Part 1 The market layout of Taiwan bicycle industry after COVID-19 疫情後台灣自行車產業國際銷售的市場佈局 Part 2 The strategy of cross-border e-commerce for Taiwan bicycle enterprises 台灣自行車企業跨境電商的拓銷模式與策略 Part 3 The opportunities and challenges for Taiwan bicycle industry in Australia, New Zealand, and Central and South America 台灣自行車產業在紐澳與中南美市場的機會與挑戰 Part 4 The keys to digital content execution and community operations for the new generation 新世代族群數位化內容執行及社群營運要訣