【Innovative Cycling Industries Market Forum / 自行車前瞻市場論壇】 Part 3

Through this forum, one will have a better understanding of Taiwan bicycle industry’s forward-looking ASEAN market strategy, as well as Taiwan’s highly emphasis on Online-to-Offline (O2O) marketing integration after COVID-19, in order to launch an innovative online alliance, and to strengthen the international B2B2C sales performance. 透過本論壇將更了解台灣自行車產業東協前瞻性市場拓銷策略,以及台灣在疫情後線上線下(O2O)整合行銷的高度重視,藉此啟動創新結盟1+1動能,強化國際B2B2C的銷售業績。 Theme / 影片主題 Part 1 Changes in international sales of the bicycle industry after COVID-19 疫情後自行車產業國際銷售的變化 Part 2 Sales opportunities of bicycle enterprises in ASEAN market 東協市場自行車企業拓銷機會 Part 3 Taiwan bicycle industry’s cross-industry alliance strategy 台灣自行車異業結盟的策略 Part 4 E-commerce sales behavior of the new generation 新世代族群電商銷售行為分析